Exciting Changes to Lei-Out this year!

There is a lot of new, exciting changes in store for Lei-Out and here is a little preview:

For those of you who have been attending Lei-Out the last few years, you know the tournament has grown to be gigantic since it started 17 years ago. It went from a small tournament to the second largest tournament in the world. We love the fact that it’s grown from an intimate tournament to a juggernaut because we can bring together more amazing frisbee players to play the sport we love… but the size of the tournament is not without its challenges.

That is why we are excited to announce we are moving Lei-Out from Santa Monica Beach a little further south to Huntington Beach!


Why? Santa Monica has been a good partner and host location when we were a small and mid-size tournament. But now that we are so large, we need a venue used to handling larger events and, most importantly, a location for us to have the biggest dance party in all of Ultimate history…ever!

Huntington Beach is used to big events, like the US Open of Surfing. And we really want to have one gigantic venue where all tournament participants can party together, like we used to do for Lei-Out when the tournament was smaller! So… now we can… in Huntington Beach!

Huntington Beach is just down the coast from Santa Monica and it’s more convenient for people flying into town (which is most tournament goers) because there are three airport options close by: LAX (Los Angeles), LGB (Long Beach) and SNA (Santa Ana/Orange County).  Check out the travel page for more information.

Also Huntington Beach is one of the coolest beaches in California. Don’t take our word for it, just look:

Huntington Beach Pier Sunset 14.jpg

Huntington Beach 1.JPG

We know that playing Ultimate is a big part of the weekend but we also know that partying with new and old friends is also part of the draw, so…to help facilitate the shenanigans, Lei-Out 2018 with have three parties: A Friday night welcome party; a Saturday night dance party; and a Sunday night closing ceremony and party!

Photo credits: Visit Huntington Beach 

We are super-excited to see you all at the beach in HB!