Looking for a team

Anyone need a guy? I'm a handler/cutter who has played college/club for 10+ years, and creator of the webseries - www.thebreakside.com

I'm from Minneapolis, and will be in town for work, so would love to play!

Hi Chris

Any luck yet?

Unfortunately I've had to drop out from my Vancouver team Gnarwhals, and they could do with a replacement for me. They're a fun bunch playing in I guess what would be called the mixed spirit division, if I knew how the tournament was organized, but have some pretty decent and experienced players. And with only 8 guys (including you) you'll get a decent amount of game time.

I've committed to paying my (now your) $50 share of the team fee, and also the accommodation that they've arranged, but you'd be welcome to take that off my hands too :-)

Please let me know and I'll gladly put you in touch with the captain.

[email protected]

Hi Chris, Kilo Kai is a mid-high team from San Diego looking for an additional guy. We’d love to have you join us if you are still looking for a team!

[email protected]

Hey Chris!

High team looking for a guy if you are still looking for a team? message me at [email protected]