Male player needed. Must agree to throw at least 3 questionable hammers per game.

Much to my regret I've had to drop out, so my Vancouver team is looking for another guy to replace me. With only 8 guys (including you) you'll get a decent amount of game time. The team is a fun bunch playing in what I guess would be called the mixed spirit division, if I knew how the tournament was organized, but they have some pretty decent and experienced players.

I've already committed to paying my (now your) $50 share of the team fee, and also the accommodation that they've arranged, but you'd be welcome to take that off my hands if you so desire :-)

Please get in touch and I'll gladly put you in touch with the captain.

[email protected]

Update: sorry, but the team now has a full quota of guys. Who knew that there were so many people who could throw questionable hammers?

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