Sassy Mid-Division Team Seeks Women

Our spunky little squad could use 1-3 women - we can even accommodate ONE dude if he is your he-baggage, but you need to keep a muzzle on him. Before you move on to the next "We Need Women!" post, bear in mind:

1) We bring well-concealed beverages to the field to share.
2) We bring scorching hot beach beats to the field, also to share.
3) We invented the game Slap-Out Tap-Out and promptly lost in the first and only time that damned game was played. You can stay at our Airbnb rental if you need a place to crash.
4) One of our captains threw his fire to win the J Bracket finals three years ago.

Our team is a mix of skill levels, we're happy to have (almost) anyone join us. We don't yell at each other about stupid turnovers and we never, ever do say stupid things like "It's coming back" after a bad pull out of bounds. We definitely make fun of AUDL players and MLU washouts. If you are coming to Lei Out to win it all, we're probably not the right squad. But if you like making some sweet plays and possibly winning more games than you lose, we're your best option. We usually eat tacos after the games on Saturday.

If interested, email Erik at [email protected]