London (UK) Player just moved to LA - love to experience Leiout

Hi to the US Ultimate Community,

I've been in LA less than a week and have heard awesome things from both sides of the continent about this tournament and would love to get stuck in.

Any team that would have me is awesome, as I've played across all Ultimate standards; from A-Tour in the UK through to Captaining at our Mid and fun-tier levels. I have 6-7 years of experience behind me, playing a decent bit of Beach too in Italy, Spain and Croatia and will gladly fill-in for wherever is needed on a team :)
Also am very keen on the partying side, so it's a play hard and party attitude most definitely!

If there's anything else people want to know, feel free to message or call (310 773 7697). Anyone that also has accommodation sorted is a bonus and I'm travelling from Santa Monica / Marina del Rey area for anyone local too :)

Thanks a bunch!

Have found a team :)
Thanks all who read this!

Current spot can't confirm until Wednesday, so if anyone is still looking for a player, please get in touch :)

Hey there,

If you're still looking for a team, hit me up!

Email is [email protected]

Thanks for the inquiry Rick, I'm all sorted now though :)